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Our services.

We provide you with an industry leading powder-coat product.

The DPM team prides itself on being a full service business to business solutions provider. Our goal is to provide a complete solution to parties that want to deliver us there specifications and have us handle full lifcycle management. Our exacting quality standards and attention to customer need have made us a trusted provider for many companies in the transportation industry.

Logistics Planning

Supply chains are always a difficulty when dealing with third parties, if you have a well cultivated solution that works for you we are happy to match our process to yours. However if you are in need of a solution we would be happy to leverage our network to provide a solution for you.

Quality Control

One of our greatest points of pride at DPM is our continued pursuit of perfect quality control. We strive for perfection, everyday. On occasion we do produce a coating defect, but our ongoing review process ensures we don't make the same mistake twice.

Develop & Improvement

Powder-coating is no longer a new technology, you can be assured that with DPM our continued product research will provide you with the best fit for your application. We continually evaluate new products and emerging technologies to provide the best options for your application.

Document Generation

Full process visibility is important to us at DPM so we keep records for all of our orders from the moment we recieve them to when they ship. This allows you to fully understand our process cost and times so you can understand where your money goes and what your margin and turnarounds are.