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About Us.

We are a small company doing big things.

What We Do

DPM is the industry leader in industrial transportation powder coating. We processes large and small batch orders while meeting the exacting standards of the National Transportation Safety Association while providing extremely durable coating options that are not available through most powdercoaters. Pantone color matching is provided and perfected to ensure our customers are provided with an exact color match.

What Sets Us Apart?

Here are just a few things that set us apart from our competitors:

  • -A high standard of certification and precision that are required for us to produce products in the highly regulated transportation space.
  • -A history of providing top notch finishes for bolt-in products for leading corporations in Public Transportation.
  • -Specialized finishes designed for high wear environments subject to long term abuses.

The types of powder coat material we specialize in:

  • -Epoxy
  • -Hybrid
  • -Polyester
  • -Super Durable Polyester
  • -Urethane
  • -Anti-Graffiti Urethane

Our Process

Our powder coating process involves three basic steps:

1. Preparation

All materials are throughly washed and preped to create the perfect base for our powder coating process.

2. The Powder Coating

We hand paint all materials to ensure an even and complete coat. Nothing is left unpainted.

3. Curing

We use our large format ovens to ensure precision baking for the highest quality results.

Our Facility

  • Custom Oven Solutions

  • Oversized Spray Booth

  • Spray Booth

  • Large Format Oven